Go deeper in your client relationships by offering the help you know they need.

We’re your go-to resource when helping clients and families
navigate big transitions in their lives, careers, and business.

Who are our Partners?

A committed group of relationship-oriented professionals from a wide variety of industries, who see their clients strugging with life transitions.

Our partners want to give families a more proactive way to plan and problem-solve, which requires going beyond the scope of their own professional offering.  Essential Conversation Project is your partner.

Why a Community?

This collaborative community of like-minded professionals shares common goals of adding value and deepening relationships with clients and families.

When your clients are struggling with personal concerns, which hinder your ability to effectively provide your service, you can turn to the Essential Conversations Project network for extended help.  Clients will know you have their back.

What’s the key benefit?

We help you help your clients.  When they are stuck in making decisions, and you are struggling to help them achieve their goals, a referral to a specially-trained and neutral Designated Facilitator for an Essential Conversation will make a world of difference.


What can an Essential Conversation do?

You will have access to our Designated Facilitators whose job it is to
guide families through often difficult, emotional, and time-challenging conversations.

In our unique Essential Conversation process, family members collaborate to work through personal concerns. Our goal is to help your clients be better prepared to receive your guidance and follow through on plans, putting you in a great position to focus on what you do best.

Build deeper and more individualized relationships

with your clients by accessing the people, resources, and support to understand and help solve tough personal decisions.

Be the best resource

for your clients by being more in-tune with their needs and offering broader solutions.

Community connection

with our network of like-minded professionals who are all focused on providing a better client experience.

Attract new clients

by differentiating your offering with our proactive movement.

Canadian Baby Boomers

Business Owners Retiring

Canadians with Dementia

Families need your help.

How do I join?

The Benefits of Essential Partnership

Proven Processes

  • Improve your “active listening” techniques and manage clients’ emotional issues with SEEP™ – our unique method of interaction
  • Access to our Essential Conversations to enhance client relationships
  • Gain a greater understanding of the issues families are experiencing

Trusted Resources

  • Referrals to specially-trained and qualified Designated Facilitators who bring expertise and experience to your client relationships
  • Connection with ECP Founders and subject matter experts on case studies and best practices on the impact of aging issues with business, career, and personal decisions
  • Keep current on hot issues and opportunities in the ‘boomer’ marketplace through our broader network

Live Events

  • Connection with a professional network – expand your professional relationships / share collateral material
  • Access to thought leaders and experts in the aging space

Distinguish Your Business and Yourself

  • Through your commitment to understand and plan for the issues your clients face as they age
  • Share your expertise and best practices within the ECP community
  • Participation in ECP networking and education initiatives

Essential Partner

$195 Annually


Distinguish yourself and your business

Be searchable as an Essential Partner in our online directory and take advantage of displaying our Essential Conversations Project® Essential Partner™ logo in your marketing material.


Enhance your client offering

Access specialized training to better understand the issues clients face as they age, enabling you to make plans more proactively.


Build your 'team' to add more value in your client relationships

Easily refer clients to our specially-trained Designated Facilitators for conducting helpful family conversations.


Attract more clients

Build your referral network and promote your business with other like-minded professionals within the Essential Conversations Project community.

Give your clients the help they need.

We believe every family deserves an Essential Conversation.

Statistics supplied by  Statistics Canada CIBC / Alzheimer Society